Bookings terms and conditions


The client is required to confirm their booking with Bazil Grumble in writing via email to


The client understands and agrees that:


1. To secure your booking a deposit of 50% of the invoice total is required at least one month prior to our appearance. In the event that this deposit is not received, your booking may be cancelled and the time slot made available to wait listed clients. An updated or a second invoice for the balance will be issued following the event to reflect any necessary adjustments based on participant numbers.

2. The remaining balance will then be due within seven days of the event.


1. Written notification of all cancellations is required.

2. The deposit is not refundable if the event is cancelled. If the deposit has not been paid then 50% of the total fee that was to be charged is payable upon cancellation. This includes professional fees and any additional fees.

3. In addition to clause 2, when the event involves travel to regional or international destinations, the organisation making the booking will also be liable to pay any out of pocket expenses incurred for flights or other bookings that have been made by Bazil Grumble on their behalf.

4. If the event is cancelled less than 72 hours prior to the event date or the date of Bazil Grumble’s scheduled departure for the event then the full invoice total will be payable as well as any additional out of pocket expenses incurred by Bazil Grumble.


1. Bazil Grumble reserves the right to engage 3rd party agents to aid in the recovery of monies, including but not limited to collections agencies and/or solicitors, and the costs incurred will be added to the original debt.


Bazil Grumble activities and events are not considered dangerous. Nevertheless, as with any physical activity, they cannot be guaranteed to be free of any risk of injury, loss or damage, direct or consequential.


(a) Bazil Grumble has promoted the activity and the client has requested to book this activity;

(b) Bazil Grumble has agreed that the client shall be responsible for the provision of the activity at a venue of their choice subject to the indemnification of Bazil Grumble, its servants and agents against claims for loss and damage caused to him/her as a result of the provision of the activity;

(c) The client has agreed to indemnify Bazil Grumble and its servants and agents against all or any such loss or damage whether caused by the negligence of Bazil Grumble, its servants or agents or otherwise.


1. The client or their representatives indemnify and will at all times keep Bazil Grumble and its servants and agents indemnified from and against all actions, proceedings, claims, demands, costs and expenses in respect of any injuries, loss or damage however caused and whether through the negligence of Bazil Grumble and its servants or agents or otherwise and in any way connected with participation in Bazil Grumble activities or events.

2. The client agrees that photographs and video footage may be taken of the client’s participants during the activity or event. These may be used by Bazil Grumble to promote future programs.