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Chill Out is one of Brisbane's most popular youth programs with a great variety of free and low-cost recreation activities for young people between 10 to 17 years old. If you're looking for school holiday activities in Brisbane, Chill Out has all sorts of things to do! Please note that registration is required to confirm your place in each of the sessions, and we will be unable to accept registrations that are outside of the listed age suitability. 


Origami Eco Puppets at Coorparoo - 2:00pm Sat 16 September 2017 (10 to 17 years)

Make a range of fantastic origami hand puppets and then bring them to life by decorating it with a range of new and recycled materials. 

Kite Making and Flying at Bellbowrie - 10:00am Tue 19 September 2017 (10 to 17 years)

Kite flying is energetic, relaxing and a rewarding activity and the perfect activity for families to do together on the weekend.  Come along and you will get to make your very own kite to take home.  You'll be amazed at how simple they are to design and put together.  Once you've finished making the kite you can get active and healthy running around the park flying your very own unique creation.

Flying Origami at Sherwood - 2:00pm Tue 19 September 2017 (10 to 17 years)

Learn new and innovative folding techniques to make your planes soar through the park higher and faster than ever before. Get active in a hands-on competition of your flying prowess!

Eco Artist Books at Ashgrove - 10:30am Thur 21 September 2017 (10 to 17 years)

Start with a walk around the park to seek inspirations from the great ideas and to collect some rubbings on paper to use for your eco artist book. Then learn how to bind a special book just perfect to capture all your creative ideas.  You will have the opportunity to design your own beautiful ‘story’ book, explore your creativity and to create a unique artwork to keep.

Eco Card Creations at West End - 2:00pm Thur 21 September 2017 (10 to 17 years)

This session incorporates a walk around the park to seek inspiration from the trees, which is then followed by a wonderful card making session using a combination of new and recycled materials with a focus on the natural environment. You will be limited only by your imagination in this fun and interactive arts session.

3,2,1 Action Theatre Games at Mitchelton - 10:00am Sat 23 September 2017 (10 to 17 years)

Bazil Grumble has 250 students that attend our Brisbane based weekly drama classes! Now you too can come and explore drama with us in the dynamic session!  Work with an industry professional to participate in competitive theatre games and activities that will teach about improvisation, voice and characterisation! 

Decorative Clay Masks at Fig Tree Pocket - 10:00am Sat 23 September 2017 (10 to 17 years)

Go for a nature walk around the park to collect natural materials, such as leaves and twigs to create texture on clay. Then learn how to use clay to make your own mask! It could be an animal, an alien, a monster or even a self-portrait! You are limited only by your imagination!

Comedy and Clowning at Hawthorne - 2:00pm Sat 23 September 2017 (10 to 17 years)

Do you love to make people laugh? Learn about many aspects of comedy and clowning including mime and movement, voice and characterisation. Work creatively, both individually and in groups, to invent scenes and short performance routines and to explore the fundamentals of what makes an audience laugh.  

Glow Clay Creations at Alderley - 2:00pm Sat 23 September 2017 (10 to 17 years)

Participants will create clay creations using oven hardening clay including some that glows in the dark! This smooth and soft modelling clay is so easy to use. Simply knead it, blend it and shape it into an amazing array of creations such as beads and jewellery or even small sculptures!

Creative Superstars at Everton Park - 10:00am Sun 24 September 2017 (10 to 17 years)

Engage in drama, art and team building games and activities that are fun, inspiring and interactive. Everyone will get to know one another better, build trust, and learn about each other's strengths. This experience will give you the wonderful opportunity to learn strategies to build your resilience and find out how to show more care and consideration for others. 

Lantern Making at The Gap - 10:30am Sun 24 September 2017 (10 to 17 years)

In this workshop we are offering the opportunity for you to make your own unique lantern. You’ll be amazed at how beautiful and effective the lantern looks and how easy it is to create.  The session will culminate in an illuminated disk walk around the park with lanterns. Come and let your light shine!

Face and Body Art at Brookfield - 2:00pm Sun 24 September 2017 (10 to 17 years)

Decorate your own face and body and that of your friends with bold funky designs based on your own creations and a range of fantastic products and jewels.

Juggle-a-Rama at Forest Lake - 1:30pm Wed 27 September 2017 (10 to 17 years)

Juggling is a physical activity that has been proven to improve both physical and cognitive fitness.  It provides a cardiovascular workout and assists with hand-eye and right-left brain coordination. Come and make your very own set of juggling balls that you can keep and then have a ball getting active and healthy while learning the basics of this fun and highly entertaining skill.

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