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Joeys (Crawling to Walking)


And they’re off! So often we spend those first 6 months eagerly awaiting that first time a child pushes themselves along the floor, and start to realise that they can move around without Mum or Dad.  Then, as soon as they master crawling, we start waiting for those first steps…..but, crawling is SO important that it’s really best that we don’t rush it. That time spent crawling around is crucial for developing strength, spatial awareness, cognitive skills, motor planning, visual perception and hand-eye coordination. Our play equipment provides a variety of different experiences for your infant to practice crawling. Our Joey classes also offer a range of fun, engaging and messy activities, that you don’t have to clean up!


Joey classes include:

– Music and dancing

– Activities for hand-eye coordination (posting, nesting, stacking)

– Play to develop skills (balance, coordination, visual tracking, fine & gross motor)

– Sensory play experiences

– Songs and nursery rhymes


Please note we do not offer family or early bird discounts, however payment of the term fee is not required until commencement of the term. Payment information can be found here.

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

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