Early Childhood

Playing  Up! Drama in the Early Childhood Setting

This workshop explores creative ways for educators to introduce drama into a classroom setting for children aged from two to five years of age.  Participants will learn about a diverse array of interactive games and activities that will allow very young children to use their imagination, while building confidence and communication skills.

Tots and Pots

Utilise decorative techniques such as paddling, stretching and stamping using a diverse array of found materials and eco-objects to achieve surprising textural effects.  This is a hands-on workshop which will engage educators and provide them with ideas, concepts and skills to pass onto the children that they educate.

“A big thank you to Grant and the team from Bazil Grumble for visiting with their Pottery in-service for our staff.  What a wonderful night we all had, full of laughs and trying to switch on our artistic talent.  Everything was made so easy for us, and Grant was very knowledgeable.  He made the session memorable as he had so much experience, and was always on hand to assist with any problems the staff had.  Thanks for one fantastic and enjoyable evening!

– Kylie Ashman, Centre Director – Camelot Childcare Centre

Bringing Books To Life Through Puppets

In this workshop, participants will explore creative ways to bring books to life for children from two to five years through the use of puppets. Participants will look at a variety of texts and a diverse array of different styles of puppets.  The participants will also have the opportunity to learn how to create their very own puppet that would be ideal for children of this age range to make so that they too could experiment with the medium of puppetry.

Professional Development collage - March 2014