Clay Animation

The Bazil Grumble Clay Animation Program is world renowned. We have offered our program both in Australia and overseas. Our program is offered either as a short workshop, workshop series, or extended project and introduces participants to the wonders and techniques of stop motion clay animation. However if you are a secondary teacher and would like to learn these skills to pass onto your students then we have a workshop to cover the skills you will require. In our professional development workshop, we use frame by frame digital stop motion animation using the latest industry standard software which provides an immediate Clay Animation outcome. The workshop promotes the benefits of linking the arts and technology to create new artistic works and encourages storytelling through a visual medium. We begin with a demonstration of interactive performance clay animation each followed by a hands-on session where participants make their own characters and props from modelling clay and other materials. The animation is then filmed and, when complete, can be immediately played back. It’s great to see your ideas come to life on the big screen!


Drama develops skills that are transferable to real life situations such as leadership, confidence, self-esteem, clear and effective speech, physical and social development, lateral and imaginative thinking and teamwork. In our drama professional development workshop, we offer teachers an opportunity to brush up on their drama skills and add new and creative approaches to their current teaching repertoire. Improvisation, voice and movement and scene work will be explored through a diverse range of structured games and activities. This is an engaging, inspiring and empowering workshop that will give teachers the confidence to implement new ideas in their classroom and provide fresh ideas and insights into management of the classroom space in an educational drama context.