Clay Animation

The Bazil Grumble Clay Animation Program is world renowned. We have offered our program both in Australia and overseas to people from 4 to 104! Our program is offered either as a short workshop, workshop series, or extended project and introduces participants to the wonders and techniques of stop motion clay animation.

Bazil Grumble teaches clay animation through frame by frame digital stop motion animation using the latest industry standard software, which delights participants as it provides an immediate outcome. We seek to promote the benefits of linking the arts and technology to create new artistic mediums, and encourage storytelling through a visual medium.

Our clay animation demonstration never fails to hold the audience captive, no matter what their age. Firstly, the character and a prop are made of clay and other materials, and then the animation is filmed in collaboration with the audience (who are encouraged to offer suggestions throughout the process). When filming is complete, the animation can then be immediately played back.

When the demonstration is complete, participants have the opportunity to create their own character/s during a hands on arts session. Participants learn and develop skills in sculpture with clay, concept development, set and prop construction and frame by frame animation. Using these skills, they will create clay animation sequences that are a reflection of their interests, skills, talents and life experiences. These animation productions will teach new skills in the areas of arts and technology and promote the artistic potential and ideas of the people in the community.


Over 30 young people from Normanton in Queensland’s Gulf of Carpentaria took part in an innovative new program that focused on creating a sense of place using filmmaking and animation in October this year. The project involved a series of workshops in filmmaking, storytelling, model making, sound recording and animation.

Delivered in conjunction with IsaSKILLS and supported by the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund, the program, titled Reconnect@Normanton, developed the participants’ connection to their community by immersion and expression in the arts. The week-long workshop culminated in an innovative film project creating a miniature model of the Normanton townscape that formed the backdrop for a series of short films. The films told the participants’ stories focusing on their current issues and aspirations.


Shake It

In 2006, Bazil Grumble was commissioned by Education Queensland and the World Shakespeare Congress to facilitate workshops in clay animation.The workshops were held in Rockhampton and our brief was to create a clay animation based on a excerpt from a Shakespearian play. Students then went on to created their own animations of Shakespeare all of which were original and inventive and helped them to enjoy and embrace the work of the great bard!

Expected Outcomes for the Participants

  • Confidence, self-esteem in seeing their own production on the big screen.
  • Multi arts focus allows participants to engage with and learn skills in the areas of clay modeling, video production, set and prop construction and animation concept development.
  • The chance to “have their voice heard’ in relation to the sharing of their unique interests, skills, talents and life experiences.


All resources and materials will be provided except for the following which will need to be provided:

  • Room with tables and chairs for participants and workshop facilitators
  • Data Projector / screen or television
  • Access to power

Minds in Motion

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