Welcome to term one drama!

The team at Bazil Grumble are so excited to be starting the year with the amazing Peter Pan! We kicked off the term with auditions for the end of term performance, as well as working on the students’ breathing and projection: two skills that are essential for any budding actor!

The Bazil Grumble teachers encouraged students to think about their lungs and breathing, and how this will improve their ability to sustain projection. Many teachers noted that they were already seeing improvements in their classes:

 “After learning how to properly use their breath and voice for performance, the students were encouraged to jump up in front of the class and say a line using their new found projection. Mackenzie has some stage fright and didn’t want to get up in front of the class. Mackenzie’s friend PK got up and they both demonstrated the line. Afterwards, I told Mackenzie that her projection was so good that I could actually hear her over PK and that she did exceptionally well. In the next activity she really came out of her shell and was offering up some great lines in her improvisation.
– Phoebe, Ironside Masterclass.

OLSH Peter Pan Term One 2016

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Superstars during week four classes

 Despite the fun learning new skills and playing drama games, everyone was very excited to learn what role they were to play in the end of term performance:

 “The students enjoyed the vocal projection and breathing exercises and were SO keen to see which roles they’d been selected for!” – Hayley, Windsor Superstars.

 We are now busy exploring blocking and lines, and we have to commend our students on their outstanding focus:

 “This week’s class was AMAZING. We did the run of the play first before the activities and they were so focused.” – Duncan, Holland Park Shining Stars.

 “Rehearsal time! This week, we started blocking our play. The students really enjoyed this. Their energy was fantastic and they listened well.” – Jess, Toowong Superstars.

 We are so excited to see all the students hard work as they continue adapting this beautiful and much loved tale into an entertaining and fun performance. We’ll be sending out the end of term performance dates soon, so do keep an eye on inboxes!

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